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An Ed Tech Resume Guide

Considering applying for a position in the Ed Tech industry? In this article, we explain why including the right elements, being specific, and effective storytelling are important for developing a resume that does your career accomplishments justice while providing an accurate, informative asset for recruiters and hiring managers. The resume screenshots below have been anonymized and are...

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6 Reasons to Consider Working in Ed Tech

Is a career in Ed Tech right for you? The industry offers a unique opportunity to make an impact, develop valuable career skills, and shape the future of education. In this blog, we take a look at six reasons why professionals from a broad variety of backgrounds should consider a career in Ed Tech. Why Ed Tech? A Unique and Impactful Industry Ed Tech, short for education technology, incl...

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Reflections After 20 Years of Remote Work

After the birth of my first child, I initially struggled with the same question faced by so many working parents: how did I want to balance my career with my growing family? In my case, I found inspiration in the career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I learned that, at times in her life, she would simply make a decision that her husband and children needed to take precedence over her career. An...

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Ed Tech Companies Hiring Despite the Investment Cliff

How is the Ed Tech industry being affected by the decline of investment in the broader technology sector? Given the headlines about big tech layoffs, should professionals be worried about starting or continuing a career in the Ed Tech industry? In this blog, we explore the answers to these questions. While changing financial conditions are a reality for any industry, our experience confi...

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