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A Front Row Seat to a Robust Market for Ed Tech Jobs

The Ed Tech industry has rapidly evolved into a robust vertical all its own—and so has its job market.

What do Ed Tech professionals need to know about how this market has changed over time? In this blog, we draw on first-hand experience from operating our industry jobs platform to provide some key evidence.

How Ed Tech Has Grown into a Robust Vertical

Like any other industry, Ed Tech experiences peaks and valleys. Yahoo Finance reports that the industry is projected to grow $ 549.6 billion by 2033 (a robust 14.2% growth rate), but is still navigating a sharp downturn in VC funding so far in 2024.

As the industry adapts to changing macroeconomic conditions and higher interest rates put a premium on cash flow, Ed Tech firms will face increasing pressure to translate promising concepts into profitable operations. But as we explore below, our own data suggest that the Ed Tech jobs market continues to weather the storm.

Over the long term, Ed Tech will have the benefit of a market with countercyclical resilience in education (schools don’t slow operations when the stock market falls), while the long-term demand for new education solutions is unlikely to wane anytime in the foreseeable future. So far, Ed Tech has the potential to remain in a unique place on the periphery of the broader tech market, and even to thrive as traditional tech companies struggle.

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Our Front Row Seat from the Industry’s Largest Dedicated Jobs Platform

Our team has been hard at work scaling up the largest jobs platform dedicated to the Ed Tech industry since 2019. Over this journey, we have had the opportunity to see the job market mature up close.

The COVID crisis, beginning in earnest in the US in early 2020, caused a massive surge of interest in the industry (and our jobs platform). The number of jobs on our platform exploded to 748 companies and 11,000+ jobs by January 2021. The rapid switch to remote learning created a surge of investment in Ed Tech, and we also saw massive growth in remote positions as the economy adapted to socially distance work (this growth has continued, and remote Ed Tech jobs are clearly here to stay).

Since then, our experience reflects the fact that the Ed Tech market as a whole has seen incredible growth over the past five years, even if there have been some unfortunate closures along the way.

  • January 2022: 900+ Companies, 27,000+ jobs.
  • January 2023:
    900+ Companies, 33,000+ jobs.

In 2023, we saw signs that Ed Tech hiring was slowing down alongside the broader market for tech talent. But in 2024, we can report a huge boom in the number of opportunities:

  • January 2024: 1000+ Companies, 15,500 jobs.
  • April 2024: 1,100+ Companies, 38,436 jobs.

As part of this growth, jobs and opportunities have flourished in terms of quality, quantity, and variety. Today, the Ed Tech jobs market features opportunities related to everything from finance, to software development, to childhood development, and everything in between. These diverse opportunities are spread across multi-faceted “cradle to gray” markets, including early childhood education, K12, higher education, workforce/continuing education, and even learning resources for seniors.

This continued growth is a testament to the staying power and dynamism of the Ed Tech industry, our team is proud to be part of this story, and we continue to believe that the Ed Tech industry is a fantastic place to build a career.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities in Ed Tech, we invite you to explore our jobs platform (fully searchable by job function, company size, and more) here.