We've Been in Your Shoes.

HighFive was launched out of a burning desire to help Ed Tech companies find the right talent in the right places. With over 50+ years of specialized experience in Ed Tech, HighFive brings the following to your search:

Human Intelligence + Data   Hire Quality. Faster.

Our team has deep operating experience in Ed Tech, from running sales and marketing departments, to creating and managing talent pipelines, to being responsible for full P&Ls.  

We combine this “human intelligence” with metrics, data, and KPI’s to ensure we are objectively, quantifiably, and expeditiously delivering the best candidates.

Our proprietary selection methodology optimizes every step of the hiring process, maximizing throughput of high-performing candidates while minimizing risk along the way.

Industry Credibility

Because we are a specialized search firm originating from and focused on the Ed Tech industry, not only do we know how to amplify your brand and opportunity to the most discerning candidates, but we have built the trust of the broader community of passive candidates who will listen to opportunities they would not otherwise consider.


Our clients have real-time access to every stage of the search process through a cloud-based application. You will be able track our search activity in real time.

Our Team Members

Teresa Chung
Founder & Managing Partner

Teresa combines her executive experience and people perspective to help companies unlock their full potential. She has held positions in product management, sales, marketing, and HR as well as having P&L responsibility prior to starting up HighFive Partners.

Her strategic work in talent acquisition and leadership development attracted the top 2% of the workforce, achieving a nearly 100% satisfaction level from executives and senior leaders over a five-year period.  She is very proud of the NPS of 100 she and her team have accomplished at HighFive Partners.

Teresa has come a long way from seeing her first flushing toilet at the age of 8! Today, she is inspired by a line from one of Frost’s poems – “my object in living is to unite my avocation and my vocation.”  Her mission is to help others join their passions with their day-to-day roles, which brings her immense gratification.


Stacey Niermann

Stacey Niermann brings to HighFive Partners a uniquely wide range of experience covering multiple industries and countries. Her diverse background and experience includes entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and management. 

She has worked in a variety of industries and fields including Ed Tech, financial wealth management, cable television, and the music industry. In addition to her primarily working in the US, she started an educational supplies business while in Asia, which targeted and sold primarily to the UK market. Stacey holds an MBA from UCLA and has a proven track record in driving revenue and sales management through her work with Pearson, The Weather Channel, the Disney Channel, and her own startup, The Pedagogs.

The way to Stacey’s heart is through comedy, well either laughter or speed, as she also enjoys riding her motorcycle.


Karen Penner

Karen Penner is passionate about education, recruiting and working in the Ed Tech sector.  She started her career in the classroom as an ESL teacher for 6 years before recruiting for the technology and biotech industries.

She found her way back to the Ed Tech industry in 2012, where she headed the recruiting function for IXL Learning.  The company grew from 80 to 400+ employees in the 5 years that she led their recruiting team. Additionally, she has guided several Silicon Valley startups in creating solid recruiting plans and processes to prepare the organization for rapid growth.  Karen enjoys coaching and mentoring others on their career path.

Personally, Karen loves to travel and explore the world, which she accomplishes by visiting at least one new country every year.  Karen is a mom of two young children and a dog lover.


Katy Stover

Katy Stover is a passionate advocate for education, technology, and career development. Her experience spans from being in the classroom to working at Fortune 500 companies, medium size organizations, and early stage startups all tied to education.

Prior to joining HighFive Partners, she led partnerships at General Assembly in addition to spearheading GA's first ever massive re-skilling efforts with Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, The Department of Defense and Disney. She is also highly involved in the Austin community and regularly speaks at community events including SXSW. Katy graduated from UC Santa Barbara and has a proven track record in recruiting, business development, project management, data analytics, and talent development.

Katy is an avid rock climber, dog owner, traveler, and "yes woman" who is open to most adventures.

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