Executive Search for Ed Tech

Let us help you find passionate leaders in Ed Tech. Hire Quality. Faster.™

We are an executive search firm offering a proprietary search process to Ed Tech companies in all growth stages.

Our clients include Ed Tech unicorns like Age of Learning, VC backed companies like Mursion and Swing Education, and PE backed companies like Reading Plus and PSI.  We offer 100% transparency in our search process, where our clients have access to the entire candidate pipeline in real-time.

Here's how we do it


1Identify Success
Days 1-3 

Together we create a shared strategy to best source, attract, and hire in order to connect the dots between your exact needs and candidate qualifications.

2Research & Outreach
Days 2 Onward

HighFive contextualizes your search through research on competitors, adjacent industries, and nuanced candidate data, quantitative and qualitative, to optimize qualified prospects.

Days 15 Onward

We create a targeted slate of candidates who are deeply competent, demonstrate a good cultural fit, are well aligned with your strategic goals, and genuinely interested in the position.

4Client Interviews
Days 16 Onward

HighFive equips you with a rich array of candidate data to save you time and to expedite the interview process, enabling you to quickly dive in.

5Selection & Onboarding
Days 45 Onward

HighFive handles everything from reference checks to salary negotiation, providing the heavy lifting to finalize the deal.

Our featured clients


What our clients say about us

"Until I met Teresa, I did not know that a search firm could actually feel like a member of our team and be on my side. She worked extremely hard to understand our company and culture, and it certainly paid off.  We couldn't be happier as a result.”

Mike Teng
CEO, Swing Education
"HighFive was a thought partner at every stage of Flocabulary's search process, from defining job titles and compensation to screening and evaluating candidates. We also strongly emphasized diversity in our recruiting process, an initiative Teresa and her team embraced and delivered on."
Alex Rappaport
CEO, Flocabulary
“HighFive has been instrumental in helping Knowledge to Practice build a game-changing organization. They take pride in delivering multiple candidates that are equally qualified so the organization can personally put the puzzle of their team together to optimize strengths and minimize weaknesses."
Mary Ellen Beliveau
CEO, Knowledge to Practice

“Working with HighFive changed my expectations of what a partnership with an executive search firm means. We knew the initial project with HighFive was a difficult search. The team was persistent in finding and presenting the best candidates, both culturally and performance wise."
Hyuk-Jeen Suh
Hyuk-Jeen Suh
Head of US East Coast, Samsung Ventures
We used HighFive for a very strategic but complex role at PSI. They quickly converted our needs into a strong candidate profile and ran an effective and efficient process that delivered a perfect candidate for the position.”
Steven Tapp
CEO, PSI Services
“We've collaborated with Teresa on several of our most important hires, and she and her team are trusted partners in our recruitment of talent."

Justin Su
Founder, Goalbook

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