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We have carefully curated organizations on our job platform to share the high-growth, high-opportunity companies we think will be of greatest interest to the Ed Tech community. Companies range from 10 to 10,000+ employees. They could be privately-owned, VC-backed, PE-owned, or publicly traded.

Most companies are for profit, with a few non-profit exceptions (like Khan Academy and EdX). We generally haven’t included technology companies where Ed Tech is a small portion of their business (like Apple, Google, or Microsoft), except for those with dedicated sites geared to Ed Tech (like Amazon Education).

HighFive does not get paid to feature a company on our job platform.

Our job platform is linked to a network of company websites and so postings typically update within 24 hours of company website updates.

Some companies have career pages that do not automatically sync with the software we use to update the postings on the platform. In that case, the postings are manually updated in the first week of every month. You can request a company career page to be updated before that by contacting us with the company you'd like to be refreshed. 

No, it’s free.

No, you apply directly through the company. This job platform is not an application portal for candidates.

Our job platform searches can be organized by a specific domain expertise or subsector.

- PreK-12 Learning: Companies that support the ecosystem of preK-12 learners, teachers, administrators, and school districts.

- Post Secondary Learning: Companies serving the learners, professors, and administrators in the higher education / college and university programs domain.

- Lifelong Learning and Talent Management: Companies focused on micro and macro learning outside of K-12 and postgraduate settings - whether for professional development or for personal interest (including assessments, credentials, bootcamps, and talent management).

- All Learning Stages: Companies that cross various subsectors.

- Others: Companies like management consulting organizations focused on the Ed Tech industry, its investors, and its venture studios.

The search parameters are somewhat narrowly-defined. Try searching an entire state or entire country for various cities, or search by the name of the suburb as it applies. The search function will allow you to add multiple cities to the search parameter if you'd like to search for a certain job title in many cities, you'll just have to type in each city. 

We’ve taken this approach because different people define what constitutes a suburb or region differently, making it extremely difficult for us to define more general searches. That said, we see the value in searching an entire area and are planning to add "_X_ city within an _X_mi radius" option in the future.

Job titles vary widely in the Ed Tech industry and may use an assortment of terms. So be sure not to limit your search terms too narrowly.

You should also consider company size. A ”VP” title, for example, at a company with 50 employees is obviously going to be a very different role and level than a “VP” title at a company with 10,000 employees. You can select multiple search parameters from the drop-down menus to help customize your search. 

Incidentally, you’ll want to search for a VP role using both the terms “VP” and “Vice President.” Experiment with different titles and terms, so that you can find the maximum search results for your interests. 

You can also share the custom link that is automatically created as the URL whenever you put in different search parameters.  This is particularly helpful for streamlined social media or sharing with specific professionals whose interests you may already know. For instance, here is a link with the level "Vice President" for San Francisco (from the example above). 

The HighFive Job Platform is powered by aggregation software. We have created a hub for people to search and sort over 11, 000 Ed Tech job opportunities, all in one place. The jobs are scraped from the job pages of each company within our network. 

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