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A Front Row Seat to a Robust Market for Ed Tech Jobs

The Ed Tech industry has rapidly evolved into a robust vertical all its own—and so has its job market. What do Ed Tech professionals need to know about how this market has changed over time? In this blog, we draw on first-hand experience from operating our industry jobs platform to provide some key evidence. How Ed Tech Has Grown into a Robust Vertical Like any other industry, Ed Tech ex...

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Want to work for an Ed Tech unicorn?

Are unicorns imaginary creatures? Not in the Ed Tech industry. Ed Tech unicorns are very real and they can be an exciting place to build the Ed Tech career of your dreams. In this blog, we explain why. What are tech unicorns? In short, “unicorn” is a term that has long been used to describe the dream outcome of any startup founder: a valuation of over $1 billion before becoming publicly ...

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