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Category: Case Study

A "Game-Plan" for Sourcing Data-Driven Product Management Leaders

HighFive executed a sourcing strategy that targeted product management leaders in growing gaming companies.

Vice President, Product Management


This Ed Tech company commands $100M+ in ARR and wanted to usher in a new cadre of product management leadership with the ability to implement a strong set of best practices.


Ultimately, the right hire would need to define a long-term strategy for leveraging data to understand how users interact with products—which features they use, which factors drive retention, and which experiences drive them away.

The right leader would need to have a strong track record of making data-driven decisions that ultimately manifested in a proven history of developing high quality products and successfully bringing them to market.


Data-driven leaders with a knack for creative thinking and proven product management expertise are in short supply. Our initial research and foray into the market suggested that sourcing the right individual from within the Ed Tech industry was unlikely to be a winning strategy—sourcing from adjacent industries would be imperative for this client.

HighFive identified the gaming industry as a high potential source for the search. This industry has been a pioneer of data-driven product development, using detailed analytics of consumer-product interaction to understand the factors that lead consumers to keep coming back to (and spending money on) their favorite games.


This nuanced, quantitative understanding of how customers interact with learning products is precisely the sort of expertise our client sought to nurture in their own organization.  We projected that the right candidate from the gaming industry would be able to leverage this knowledge in the Ed Tech context with aplomb.

HighFive executed a sourcing strategy that targeted product management leaders in growing gaming companies. We branded the social impact of the Ed Tech industry as a prime motivator for making the move from gaming, and successfully found a highly qualified candidate in 16 weeks.

HighFive creatively identifies and hires rising stars in adjacent industries, finding candidates with the skill sets needed to succeed in unique Ed Tech roles.