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Category: Case Study

Conducting a High Quality Search on an Urgent Timeline

HighFive partners was able to successfully place a highly qualified chief revenue officer a K-12 Ed Tech company in 8.5 weeks. 

Chief Revenue Officer


This K-12 Ed Tech company with $10M+ in revenue was searching for a Chief Revenue Officer with highly specific domain expertise, an innovative view of revenue generation across the full customer funnel, and a proven track record of growth. The right candidate would need to be able to close deals, manage marketing, and oversee customer success.


The client initially brought in HighFive to evaluate a finalist candidate whom they had identified through their own efforts. They considered the candidate a strong fit for the role, and our own analysis lead to an enthusiastic endorsement of their initial favorable impression. An offer was made and accepted by their candidate.

Shortly thereafter, the candidate fell through, deciding she couldn’t make the move. Our client still needed to fill this crucial role with a very specific candidate profile, but faced a more dramatic sense of urgency than ever before.


HighFive sprung into action, defining a transparent rubric for assessing candidates and employing our deep reservoir of data on talent in Ed Tech and adjacent industries to hire in support of this “crunch time” search.

The client ultimately selected the first candidate presented by HighFive, but compensation negotiations proved challenging.  Our hands-on approach to compensation negotiation led to a creative solution that was mutually beneficial to both the candidate and our client. Our extensive work with startups means HighFive has practical insight into the full array compensation options that can be employed to find a satisfactory outcome for all parties when hiring.


The search was successfully closed with a highly qualified candidate in 8.5 weeks, allowing the customer to stay on track with their growth plans.

Our knowledge base and proven best practices let us effectively tackle searches with an urgent timeline, finding talent at the speed-of-business to ensure that slow hiring doesn’t slow growth.