HighFive Search Process to Hire QualityTM

We set out to build a search process geared to the real problems faced by growing Ed Tech companies, conducting hundreds of executive interviews to understand and craft solutions for key pain points in the hiring process.






Identify Success
(Days 1-3)
Together we create a shared strategy to best source, attract, and hire in order to connect the dots between your exact needs and candidate qualifications.

Research & Outreach (Days 2 onwards)
HighFive contextualizes your search through research on competitors, adjacent industries, and nuanced candidate data, quantitative and qualitative, to optimize qualified prospects.

Presentation (Days 15 onwards)
HighFive creates a targeted slate of candidates who are deeply competent, demonstrate a good cultural fit, are well aligned with your strategic goals, and genuinely interested in the position.


Client Interviews
(Days 16 onwards)
HighFive equips you with a rich array of candidate data to save you time and to expedite the interview process, enabling you to quickly dive in.

Selection & Onboarding (Days 45 onwards)
HighFive handles everything from reference checks to salary negotiation, providing the heavy lifting to finalize the deal.


Start building your team today.