In this new era, spotting 21st century talent is more vital than ever. That’s why we interviewed hundreds of executives to understand key pain points in the hiring process and to determine how to resolve them. Through these interviews, we designed a proprietary search process that delivers the results that our clients are seeking.



We first engage in open dialogue on how we will work together to source, attract, and hire the best talent. Once we’ve jointly established a search strategy, we connect the dots between your exact needs and the candidate qualifications needed to meet them by interviewing the key stakeholders in the hiring decision.



Moving forward, we contextualize our search through comprehensive research on competitors, adjacent industries, and candidate talent graphs using our sophisticated data mining tools at lightning speed. Based on our research and interviews with you, we produce a customized blueprint to reaffirm our strategic alignment with your goals. The outcome is a resonant employee value proposition capable of attracting dream candidates.



We analyze a wide range of nuanced quantitative and qualitative candidate data to find excellence as effectively as possible. We create a targeted slate of candidates who are deeply competent, well-aligned with your strategic goals, and genuinely interested in the position. We then continue this process until you are completely satisfied with the slate of target candidates.



We equip you with a rich array of candidate data to save you time and expedite the interview process, enabling you to quickly dive deep into qualifications and focus conversations on chemistry. Each talent graph is tailored to make your hiring decisions as informed as possible. As you provide feedback on each of the candidates, we calibrate our search process to ensure that you are interviewing the most qualified people.



We handle everything from reference checks to salary negotiation, doing the heavy lifting to finalize the deal. As your trusted advisor, we can administer leadership assessments to ascertain the cultural and position fit with a potential hire. Given our vast knowledge of and experience in the Ed Tech industry, we are prepared to be your resource throughout the selection and offer stages. We think about retention from the very beginning of our relationship and will stay close to your hire to ensure a successful onboarding experience.